About Semaj da Dj™

Semaj da Dj has been a DJ since 1998, when he was inspired by local DJs and started learning the art of mixing and blending. From there, he launched his own record label “T.O.M Digital Production” (also known as Team Of Monstars) in 2000 with close friends sharing an interest in music production. His mixtape releases soon began to take off and were heard all over cities across the country on radio stations, boom boxes, ringtones, and more! In 2006 Semaj's talent caught the eye of a local film artist who put him in their documentary “Jersey City DJ” which followed his success with his viral mix titled "Jersey City Mix". This rise to fame led to Semaj being recognized by a mixtape distributor who provided even greater exposure throughout different states leading up to his nomination for ‘Best Blend/Remix DJ of The Year’ at 2017 All-Star Mixtape Awards also nominated in 2015. Currently hosting major events for companies such as Jimmy Jazz and entertaining audiences worldwide, Semaj da Dj is pretty much well-known!